Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tips On Safe Internet

Secure Internet tips this very need to create travel malang juanda my brothers all for everyday life. Weits, but maybe also there are all my brothers who have not implemented the safe way Internetan. Wherever my brothers are very important for my brothers all to apply the safe way Internetan. Good Internet on your computer, laptop, hape, bebe (red = Blackberry), Tablet PC, and so on. Well, this time I will explain about Tips for Safe Internet for all my brothers. Oya, excuse me if I create a new article. Due to this I am interested with my new hobby. Hehehehehehe ... ... ... .... Okeh, please read Tips on Safe Internet my version:D

Tips For Safer Internet:

See The State Of The

First, you have to look at the circumstances surrounding you carefully and full alert (Ceileeeh ... ^^)! Why? Because who knows there are people around you who are attacking something belongs to you. Whether it's a hape, wallet, money, candy, even number hape you though. Hehehe ... But, bener kok. Because the more danger again, can-can Paypal account password or your Bank account could be dipelototi others. So, be careful the yak!

Make Sure Your Device Is Safe

Secondly, you must ensure that the device that you use it safely. Enath it safe from interference in (e.g. such as viruses, Keylogger (see Understanding Software Keylogger), faulty wiring, and others) and external disturbances (e.g., such as bad weather, burglar, pickpocket, power outages, the jail, and the others ^ ^). Despite the disturbances this sounds trivial, but it is very fatal when it happens to you. You can not imagine, if the account is the most online games GOD of yours it's hacked? Stress stadium 4 can attack you or perhaps when you download large files such as image files such as the Linux operating system which is to be around 600 MB's, all of a sudden the power goes out! Hehehehe ... So, make sure the device that you use it safely. Wekekekekek ... ^^

Use The Software Protector

Thirdly, you should use protective software such as anti-virus, anti-keylogger, Firewall, and others so that your device safe. Who knows, there are viruses that are nested in the devices that you use for online make slow your browsing activities. Does anyone know there is also a Trojan that is nested and steal your important data. And who knows, too, the device that you use that embedded software keylogger which can record the activities of your typing. Then who know there are also people who want to download the open port scan you to attack. Who Knows? Hehehehehe ... XD

Delete Traces Of You

Fourth, you must delete the trace that you have go through when they wish to make finished work. Like a trail of History and Cookies on your web browser. As this could cause the browser less primed to work, and more danger again if there are other people who know the sites that you have visited and then get your important account password. Make sure also that you are really logged out or sign out and close the web application that you visit, such as your Facebook account. You should really shut down correctly to your account. Because it could have been when you close your web browser directly to your Facebook account, it's still open.

Understanding the GUI and CLI

Understanding the GUI and the CLI. Before, I'm kitchen set malang sorry ya to all my brothers. I could create a new article because it still preferred the Public Exams. Hehehehehehe ... Okay, back to the theme of the article is about Understanding the GUI and the CLI. Of course my brothers heard about the GUI and the CLI. For my brothers uninitiated definitely wondered about the sense of GUI and CLI. But, for my brothers who have discovered the sense of GUI and CLI beg to errata or add to science's brother on my article about Understanding the GUI and CLI version me this well. Hehehehehe ... Okeh, without further ADO, please read my article on Understanding the GUI and CLI version I:D

The interface in the operating system or computer is divided into two types, namely GUI and CLI.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) is the interface on a computer operating system or using a graphical menu in order to facilitate the users to interact with the computer or the operating system.

So, the GUI is the interface on a computer operating system that uses the graphical menu. This means that the graphics menu there is a display that is more emphasized to create an operating system that is user-friendly so that its users are more comfortable using a computer. Graphical menu that ya like there graphics – the graphics or images and display its aim to facilitate the users to use the operating system.

Image: KDE in Mandriva

Examples of operating systems use GUI is a Linux distro with Mandriva uses KDE Desktop Environment (see also Understanding Desktop Environment), and also the operating system Windows 7 Ultimate which uses its own GUI.

CLI (Command Line Interface) is the interface on a computer operating system or using the command line or menu text or typing from the keyboard to interact with the operating system or computer.

So, the GUI is the interface that uses input from the keyboard to be able to interact with the computer. The CLI more addressed to the operating system as the server computer. Because using the CLI is considered more efficient and faster than using a GUI. To interact with the computer, should be using the bafris command which can be recognized by the computer. So, for people who are using the CLI mode still lay, still felt quite a hassle to use it.

Examples of operating systems that use the CLI is Ubuntu Server and Windows Server 2008.

So, it can be concluded that the GUI and CLI interface is used according the needs of its users. On the GUI using the graphical mode, and on the CLI using the command line or text mode.