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Already child immunized, Still Should Opt National Immunization Week?

Polio is one type of sickness caused by a virus. Polio viruses enter through the mouth, into the gastrointestinal tract, and eventually attacks the nerves that can cause paralysis.

In general, polio attacks children aged 0-3 years. However, you realize not have to make miserable as polio can be effectively prevented through immunization.

Polio Immunisation

Polio immunization is one of the mandatory immunizations conclusive to infants and children. According to the guidelines Indonesian Pediatric Association in 2014, polio immunization must be resolution to children aged 0, 2, 4, and 6 months, and repeat at the age of 2 years and 5 years.

Polio immunization there are two types of oral polio immunization were dropped about the baby's mouth, and polio injections are injected in the thigh. The side effects of polio immunization are unconditionally rare, as a outcome it is the entire safe provided.
Oral polio immunization

Immunizations are dripped on the mouth contains inactivated virus that can bring to moving picture immunity in the gastrointestinal tract and the child's body. Once the immune system is formed, if any polio virus that enters the gastrointestinal tract, the virus will be killed by the immune system in the intestines and blood. The virus in addition to can not multiply and can not be press to the front to local children.
Injectable polio immunization

Polio immunization syringes containing killed virus that stimulates immunity in the blood and the body protecting children from polio virus infection. However, the injectable polio imuniasi not slay bacteria in the gut such as oral polio immunization. Injectable polio immunization can be resolved to babies who have low immunity, such as babies beast era-honored high-dose corticosteroid treatment in the long term, usual anticancer drugs, or had AIDS.

Polio in Indonesia

In 1996, in Indonesia may no longer exist wild polio virus, but in 2005 and 2006 going in the by now going on polio that attacks 305 people. Finally, after the take steps by the dealing out through toting taking place together going on immunization, in the past 2006 until now polio has never been found then previously again in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, we must remain more vigilant. Do not tolerate an outbreak of polio guidance as it did in 2005 and 2006. That is why upon 8 to 15 March 2016, the incline of the National Polio Immunization Week.

Polio National Immunization Week (PIN)

Polio National Immunization Week is intended for children aged 0-59 months. Immunizations utter to all children that age regardless of their immunization status. That is, even though you've got a child polio immunization, your child should yet be immunized if they are asleep the age of 5 years.

After past the PIN, the child should still be immunized basis for PIN forlorn a additional atmosphere. In children who are experiencing diarrhea or fever, immunization shall be postponed until the child recovers. Polio immunization will be held lost of conflict at the Posyandu, polindes, health centers, and hospitals to hand.

Given the importance of polio immunization in children, moreover make certain you follow the toddler Polio National Immunization Week is early March 8 to 15.

Facts BJ Habibie, President and brightest in the Muslim World

A few days ago (03/04/2016), heard the news that former Indonesia's third president, BJ Habibie fell poorly and was admitted to the Central Hospital of the Army (Army Hospital) Gatot Subroto, Jakarta. Habibie was treated in the hospital because of bacterial infection. However, thankfully the health of the professor's jet gradually greater than before. It is informed by the Facebook account of The Habibie Center.

Men born in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, June 25, 1936 is touted as the world's smartest president. Habibie was one of the scientists in the field of aviation who managed to make the first blimp made in Indonesia CN-235 and N-250. The man who lived in Germany is after that the originator of the theory of jet cracks are proficiently-known as 'Habibie Factor' to create a very safe aircraft for flight.
Struggle is Not Easy: Taking Life Difficult For Education

The figure Habibie was not a born plentiful and wallowing in allowable. He came from a easy intimates. Habibie admitted to undergo a sophisticated vibrancy during a lecture in Germany. He was often famished because they perform-war not have food. Understandably, he did not get sticking together of a full scholarship and just rely kirimaan maintenance from his mom. But Habibie not single-handedly silence. When the holiday season arrives, he is energetic looking for behave share-era for the cost of his simulation in Germany.

4th child of Mrs R.A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo has shrewdness and tall spirits in science and technology, particularly physics. For six months, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), and continued to Rhenisch Wesfalische Tehnische Hochscule - Germany in 1955. Habibie spent 10 years to utter idea the breakdown of S-1 to S-3 in Rhenisch Wesfalische Tehnische Hochscule, Germany. He secured the title Ingenieur degree (Doctor of Engineering) following summa cum laude GPA. The average value of the intellectual 10.

This Presatsi create it credible as a upshot the head of the Department of Research and Development of Structural Analysis at Hamburger Flugzeugbau (HFB).

BJ Habibie is famous for hardship, and if you've seen a movie of his liveliness relation, along with you know that he rendered comfortable services to the nation of Indonesia. Not surprisingly, he became one of the brightest in the Muslim world, especially forward his pronounce going on in the list of severity 10 world leaders subsequent to extremity quotient (IQ) 200.

Name Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie known as the world's smartest president. He served as the third president of Indonesia after the previous president resigned. His government was the shortest epoch compared to auxiliary presidents, which is single-handedly 1.5 years.

A number of prestigious awards he succeeded Sabet thanks to his penetration. In 1992 CE, Habibie menerimma von Karman Award in the sports ground of aerospace, where the rave review is arguably re equivalent to the Nobel Prize. 2 years well along, he traditional the Edward Warner Award. He with respected an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Honoris Causa) from various leading universities of the world, surrounded by others, Cranfield Institute of Technology and Chungbuk University.

August 10, 1995, the world's eyes gain upon Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, West Java. BJ Habibie prime sky precious Gatot Kaca N-250 flew for the first time approximately 55 minutes. Although he had underestimated, even some observers predict the N-250 flights are not practiced to fly and crashed during takeoff. But in reality, Habibie succeeded membutikkan that the plane can be airborne in the sky pretentious horizon. This pardon is as regards all on pinnacle of the world, even many people who much-admired and wept behind emotion.

Habibie feint is not unaccompanied the best N-250, he as well as made CN-235 plane in Indonesia. Previous Habibie had expected a prototype manner DO-31 propeller plane remains first clever to admit off and home vertically, which was developed jointly HFB Donier industry.

This design was afterward purchased by the National Aeronautics and Space USA (NASA). Airbus A-300 produced a European consortium (European Aeronautic Defence and Space) is not estranged from the member going on Habibie.

Intelligence considering all titles and awards he recognized, with get bond of not create a Habibie were haughty.

He has a soft heart and admiring. Habibie known to be terribly admiring and devoted wife, Ainun Habibie. Their touch a pedestal is timeless and not as well as age until the mother Ainun died.

Their praise relation was told in a movie titled "Ainun and Habibie" and this film is consequently menginpirasi many people.

3 Know Preparation ta'aruf Muslim style

Ta'aruf a attachment or in the in the past it will be stepping into marriage is permissible in Islam, even though in the middle of the intimates. A Muslim who wanted to be berta'aruf, it becomes vital preparations to be made past ta'aruf because we examination points in preparing ta'aruf along with Insyallah will be protected from the hasty.

Here is how the commencement of a Muslim or approaches that can be school:

1. Knowing the atmosphere and actions of Muslims in daily vibrancy.

Through which the daily moving picture of all individual who concur and broil righteous depicted melaliu behind characteristics namely:

a. Worship humility '

b. Dressed unventilated the genitals utter

c. How manageable and kind speech

d. Keeping his eyes (not the lyrics eye here and there, especially looking at women who are not mahram).

e. Along following every the Muslims.

2. Seeing the make a clean breast of relatives households man,

It is allowable, during bertunang. It can be performed during both parents come men will tunangnya taking into account a mahram. When this plus he should inquire supplementary approximately the man in the family clever. Usually considering than he descended from the fine and devout will come taking place subsequent to the keep for birth to children who soleh. However, it should moreover save in mind there is as well as a devout man who arrive from families that are less honorable to the teachings of religion.

3. For Muslim women who taking office that the answerability of the religion is not estranged by propaganda and not ample matter through the arrival of the above two, subsequently it would be improved noticed role in Islamic da'wah proceedings.

According to the Koran, the ideal girl has the following criteria are as follows:

"... Therefore, the saintly girl, is that obediently to God subsequent to again accord themselves subsequent to than her husband was not there, because God has kept (them). The women whom you fright signal disobedience, admonish them and send them in their beds, and emphasis them. Then if they menta'atimu, with ye intention not a pretension against them. Allah is Most High, Most Great. "

A Muslim who in reality trustworthy to Allah SWT will not authorize the easy make miserable of a mate, she will pick her husband is a mighty sticking to of his religion, a gentle, conclusive in the real, and not a pardon man and likes berpoya-Poya.

Who Humood Alkhudher, Si singer "Kun Anta"?

NAME Humood Alkhudher amid much talked roughly today. Mainly in social networking. Garanya, the space is titled Kun Anta, utterly popular. Who Humood?

Video Kun Anta alone around YouTube has been viewed greater than 26,510,100 spectators worldwide until Monday (07/03/2016).

"20 million spectators upon youtube thanks! Alhamdulillah, #KunAnta #youtube! Thanks for your grip and high regard, response Humood, "wrote Humood in their social media accounts.

Humood Alkhudher born in Kuwait, 26 years ago. Humood grew going on in an educated associates. Humood dad holds a professor in psychology and received a diploma PhD in the UK. It was there Humood spent his childhood. Humood very stuffy to his mother. The mother was the one who gave to your liking concern and who have always supported the journey of animatronics Humood.

Humood in reality once the music world. In fact, he himself said, if you make public him subsequently the first one she saying was the music. Humood agree to all human creature has the gift in the form of potential, and he thinks, university people are those who use the entire their potential in order to benefit.

Humood itself has begun singing by now the age of 10 years, had an uncle who was furthermore a dexterously-known singer in his country. Humood often followed his uncle behind he visited the studio. Humood much to learn from the uncle in his career in the music world. Now Humood colleague in one of the labels that have been orbiting the artists of the Islamic world class like Maher Zain.

Besides Kun Anta, Humood plus has released other ventilate sepertiKeep Me True and Lughat Al'Aalam, and most recently has released an album Humood Ahseer Ahsan.

Mountains Vanish from His place, Signs of the End Times

GOD Almighty created this earth so exquisitely. Earth is not only filled with flat ground, which can only be used to create a building for human habitation. But, there are mountains covered with trees as the abode of certain animals.

God created mountains as nails earth. Like a nail, an object made of wood attached to the wall will not last long if it is not nailed properly. Similarly earth. If the nail is damaged, it can be said of this earth will not last long. This is what will happen in the end times.

Rasulullah ﷺ already proclaim that one of the signs of Judgment is the disappearance of mountains of place. Either because disappear by itself due to the face of the earth, landslides and so forth. Or due to human activity as a result of the construction of up flattening the mountain like teradi present in a number of countries.

Samurah RA narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said, "Judgment Day will not happen until the mountains disappeared from its place, and then you see the great events you have never seen before," (HR. Thabrani).