Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Who Humood Alkhudher, Si singer "Kun Anta"?

NAME Humood Alkhudher amid much talked roughly today. Mainly in social networking. Garanya, the space is titled Kun Anta, utterly popular. Who Humood?

Video Kun Anta alone around YouTube has been viewed greater than 26,510,100 spectators worldwide until Monday (07/03/2016).

"20 million spectators upon youtube thanks! Alhamdulillah, #KunAnta #youtube! Thanks for your grip and high regard, response Humood, "wrote Humood in their social media accounts.

Humood Alkhudher born in Kuwait, 26 years ago. Humood grew going on in an educated associates. Humood dad holds a professor in psychology and received a diploma PhD in the UK. It was there Humood spent his childhood. Humood very stuffy to his mother. The mother was the one who gave to your liking concern and who have always supported the journey of animatronics Humood.

Humood in reality once the music world. In fact, he himself said, if you make public him subsequently the first one she saying was the music. Humood agree to all human creature has the gift in the form of potential, and he thinks, university people are those who use the entire their potential in order to benefit.

Humood itself has begun singing by now the age of 10 years, had an uncle who was furthermore a dexterously-known singer in his country. Humood often followed his uncle behind he visited the studio. Humood much to learn from the uncle in his career in the music world. Now Humood colleague in one of the labels that have been orbiting the artists of the Islamic world class like Maher Zain.

Besides Kun Anta, Humood plus has released other ventilate sepertiKeep Me True and Lughat Al'Aalam, and most recently has released an album Humood Ahseer Ahsan.

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