Wednesday, June 8, 2016

3 Know Preparation ta'aruf Muslim style

Ta'aruf a attachment or in the in the past it will be stepping into marriage is permissible in Islam, even though in the middle of the intimates. A Muslim who wanted to be berta'aruf, it becomes vital preparations to be made past ta'aruf because we examination points in preparing ta'aruf along with Insyallah will be protected from the hasty.

Here is how the commencement of a Muslim or approaches that can be school:

1. Knowing the atmosphere and actions of Muslims in daily vibrancy.

Through which the daily moving picture of all individual who concur and broil righteous depicted melaliu behind characteristics namely:

a. Worship humility '

b. Dressed unventilated the genitals utter

c. How manageable and kind speech

d. Keeping his eyes (not the lyrics eye here and there, especially looking at women who are not mahram).

e. Along following every the Muslims.

2. Seeing the make a clean breast of relatives households man,

It is allowable, during bertunang. It can be performed during both parents come men will tunangnya taking into account a mahram. When this plus he should inquire supplementary approximately the man in the family clever. Usually considering than he descended from the fine and devout will come taking place subsequent to the keep for birth to children who soleh. However, it should moreover save in mind there is as well as a devout man who arrive from families that are less honorable to the teachings of religion.

3. For Muslim women who taking office that the answerability of the religion is not estranged by propaganda and not ample matter through the arrival of the above two, subsequently it would be improved noticed role in Islamic da'wah proceedings.

According to the Koran, the ideal girl has the following criteria are as follows:

"... Therefore, the saintly girl, is that obediently to God subsequent to again accord themselves subsequent to than her husband was not there, because God has kept (them). The women whom you fright signal disobedience, admonish them and send them in their beds, and emphasis them. Then if they menta'atimu, with ye intention not a pretension against them. Allah is Most High, Most Great. "

A Muslim who in reality trustworthy to Allah SWT will not authorize the easy make miserable of a mate, she will pick her husband is a mighty sticking to of his religion, a gentle, conclusive in the real, and not a pardon man and likes berpoya-Poya.

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